Sorghum Sudangrass

Sorghum Forage

Sorghum Sudangrass

Sorghum-sudangrass hybrids generally provide multiple cuttings of good high quality forage.  These varieties have been proven over time to be widely adaptable, and perform well in our conditions.  BMR varieties have reduced lignin content which yields higher digestibility for these forages.  They also have improved standability over early BMR products.

Super Sioux is a standard sorghum-sudangrass hybrid.  It has been a very reliable product for us, and produces a very good product for our cattlemen.

Kritter Kandy II is a good entry level BMR hybrid.  It has been a very reliable performer for us, and we have heard many compliments on the quality of forage that it produces.

Kandy Graz (tech sheet) is a product that many of our customers that are looking for a grazing product start using.  It has increased digestibility with the BMR 6 trait.  This variety is excellent for both hay and grazing.

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