Triticale Forage


Triticale is very valuable as a forage source.  It is a very high quality and very high quantity forage product.  It can be grazed heavily, repeatedly, with excellent regrowth in the fall.  I can be grazed more in the spring, hayed or chopped for an ensilage product.  If hayed at boot stage most triticale varieties can regrow and still provide a seed crop.

We usually have production of at least a couple varieties every year, and we also pull in other varieties from reliable sources.  There seems to be a renewed interest in triticale, and interest in developing newer and improved varieties.

AP 5019 BROKEN BROKEN LINK LINKN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! has been a very productive variety for us not only in quantity, but quality as well.  It is a good steady hybrid that has been around to develop a good reputation.

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