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Conventional Corn

We do try to maintain some offerings in the conventional corn.  These are still our same trusted varieties so they are still expected to perform quite well.  We usually can maintain at least two options, and can quite often have three or four varieties to pick from.

MG 417 has been a very consistent performer for us in all trait packages on both dryland and irrigated.  It is only average for silage, but has excellent drought tolerance and good ear flex.

MG7A28 has been a solid steady performer for us for over 10 years.  It is a very good silage hybrid as well as a grain producer. We do not have very much of this variety as a conventional left, and are unable to make the cross anymore for the conventional.

MG 711 Has been a good variety but we are looking at replacing this variety as even though it has performed well in plots, it just never really took off in popularity.

We also have access to the eMerge lines of Non-GMO corn hybrids.  These performed very well in our plot last year, and the yields were comparable to our other hybrids. The plot results for the eMerge plot are in with the rest of our 2016 Corn plots.

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