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Grain Sorghum

Grain Sorghum Numbering system
Grain Sorghum Numbering system

Sugar Cane Aphids have become an increasingly problematic pest for sorghum growers both grain sorghum and forages.  We have made selection for tolerance one of the top priorities right along with top end yield potential, excellent standability and superior drought tolerance.  All of our newer varieties that have been released that have a high level of tolerance to Sugar Cane Aphids have a 5xxx number.  Also MG 4595 is still maintaining its high level of tolerance as well.

Another approach that is being looked at, especially in double-crop situations, is to plant flowering “companion” species with the sorghum to attract beneficial predatory insects such as lacewings and ladybugs to feed on the aphid populations.  This has shown to be an effective option for some, although management changes will need to be looked at possibly.

MG 4590
MG 4748
MG 4595
MG 5750
MG 5750
MG 5790

White Food Type Varieties of Sorghum

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