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AgriPro Wheat Guide – Take a look at the complete line of varieties from AgriPro here.

Bob Dole is very consistently a top performer. It has very good tolerance to rust as well as SBMV. It has moderate tolerance. It is out of the breeding program at KWA and was liscensed to AgriPro/Syngenta.

SY Benefit is a medium maturity variety with good Fusarium Head Blight tolerance. It has been a very consistent performer through the I-35 corridor. It has good milling and baking quality.

SY Grit is a medium early maturity variety with a good disease package. It has very good straw strength and a good disease package. It has been a very good performer in central and western Kansas.

SY Monument has developed into one of the top varieties for a good part of the region. It has a good disease package, and good drought tolerance as well as excellent top-end yield potential.

SY Rugged is a medium early variety that has good drought tolerance.  This has been a very good performer and has good leaf and stripe rust tolerance

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