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Oklahoma Genetics, Inc. (OGI)

Oklahoma Genetics Inc.  has been very active in releasing new varieties recently that perform well as grain only and grazing/grain systems.

Lonerider has been a strong performer for the central plains. It is an ideal blend of genetics from duster, Billings and Eastern Europe germplasm.  It is a good fir for the Western plains.  Standability and short stature good for maximizing irrigated yields.

Gallagher is an early maturing variety with good grazing tolerance. It is resistant to leaf rust and stripe rust, soilborne mosaic virus and spindle streak mosaic virus. 

Showdown has very good potential in a grain only system, as well being very adapted to a dual-purpose system. It has exhibited a good disease package with the exception of leaf rust when present before heading at the levels experienced in 2017.

Smith’s Gold is the first Gallagher progeny, but has better leaf health, a later pull-off date for grazing, and improved baking quality.  It is resistant to Hessian fly, greenbug and has improved resistance to stripe trust over Gallagher.

Doublestop CL Plus is a two gene Clearfield variety that has performed very well in plots and production fields as well as for customers.  It has an excellent yield potential, is an excellent grazing wheat, and is very drought tolerant.

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