Warm Season Legume

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Quality Seed for Increased Profits

It isn’t only about the highest yield, but how much profit you make per acre. We want to make sure every customer has a good feeling about what they are doing with seed purchased here.  We are here to serve and help answer your questions regardless of how trivial they may be. 


• Very good heat tolerance and drought tolerance 
• 90-120 day maturity 
• Good salinity tolerance 
• Forms arbuscular mycorrhizal associations

Subterranean Clover

• Reseeding cool season annual
• Excellent weed and erosion suppressor
• Prostrate very dense plant growth
• Forms seed pods at, or below ground level

Sunn Hemp

• Upright plant
• Tolerates poor, sandy, droughty soils and requires good drainage
• Has a strong taproot with many well-developed lateral roots
• Very good nitrogen producer
• Can produce 6-7 tons dry matter per acre

Laredo Soybeans

• Upright and spreading plant
• Medium water use
• Black seeded, pure forage soybean
• Self pollinated, but flowers may attract pollinators
• Forms arbuscular mycorrhizal associations


• Upright and spreading plant (vine)
• Low water use
• Poor salinity tolerance
• Flowers attract pollinators
• Forms arbuscular mycorrhizal associations
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