Seed Treatments

Applied Products


A nutrient package that a customer used and studied, and this year we brought some in to put on our wheat, and for other customers. It has improved plant health and it shows great promise to increase yield potential.

Vibrance Extreme

Chosen fungicide to use for our wheat and other cereals that are listed when customers request it. We have had very good success with Syngenta products and they have very good efficacy and are very user friendly.

Cruiser Maxx

What we have been applying to our soybean seeds when customers requested it in the past. We are switching to Cruiser Maxx with Vibrance this year to provide the added benefit of Vibrance.

Visjon Biologics

They have one of their newest inoculants, Exceed SAR, that has been recently approved to be listed as a nematode suppressor. Studies have shown very good control, and stable yield improvements over competing products. Exceed SAR has proven itself time and time again in increased plant health and yield.

Clariva Complete

Offers season long activity on SCN with a nematicide that has been added to the Cruiser Maxx Beans with Vibrance.

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